Focal Areas


HIV & AIDS continue to be a problem in Africa. We Plan to tackle it from the local community upwards by teaching the following:

  • The use of Condoms

  • Abstain from sexual intecoarse

  • Suger daddy concequences

  • Instensive knowledge about the virus

  • Usage of ARV's

  • Healthy diet awereness

  • Global response to the virus

  • Encourage HIV tests

  • Teenage pregnancy

    Teenage pregnancy has increased in our communities over the last 24 months. We want to help our communi by reaching out to the girls and tackle the following topics :

  • Absatain from sexual intercoarse

  • The types and availability of condom

  • Medicine available to prevent pregnancy

  • Consiquencies of teenage pregnancy

  • Gaining confidant after having a baby as a teenager

  • Instant free notifications to parents

  • HIV and AIDS

  • Career Maths & Science

    With the 4th Industrial Revolution we are seeing new jobs being developed which we want the girls in our community to take advantage of by tackling the following subjects:

  • Resources available to inhance your school perfomance

  • Research career opportunties

  • Live with a Global mindset so to solve global problems

  • Closing the Maths and Science gender gap

  • Business management

  • Participating in creating the future.

  • Mentorship

    Our Communities are filled with all sorts of different charecters at which our girls learn from. We want to develop girls who will be role models to our communities by tackling the following topics:

  • Career awareness

  • Psyco-social issue

  • Dealing with seasonal changes in life

  • Winning mentality

  • Exposing girls to national and global heros

  • Mentorship and inspirational events

  • Dare to dream programs